Why & How To Do A Colloidal Silver Douche (+ How I Healed Cervicitis Naturally When Antibiotics Didn’t Work!)

Learn about the healing powers of colloidal silver, along with why and how to do a colloidal silver douche for women’s issues such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and cervicitis. Plus, how I healed my cervicitis naturally after 2 antibiotics didn’t work!

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Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice and care of a qualified medical professional of your choice. I’ve done enough research that I feel I should have letters behind my name, but alas, I do not. So please do your own research and consult your doctor(s) when making decisions about your health.

In mid-January 2019, I was in the middle of a health crisis involving both pelvic congestion syndrome and pelvic floor dysfunction.

For a few days, I had felt a heavy, dragging feeling in my pelvis, almost like something was going to come out of my vagina. As it progressed, I noticed that I lost use of my pelvic floor muscles and was unable to do a Kegel.

Finally, I had to examine myself. So, I sat on the toilet and gently inserted my index finger into my vagina. Before I had even gone in up to my first knuckle (less than a centimeter), I could feel my cervix RIGHT THERE.

Thinking gravity/sitting might have something to do with it, I nervously called my husband in and laid down on the bathroom floor so he could check me as well. He felt what I felt, and we decided that I needed to seek medical attention right away.

My Cervicitis Diagnosis

At the ER, the doctor performed a pelvic exam and immediately remarked, “You have a raging cervicitis.”

Never having heard the term “cervicitis”, we, of course, asked what that meant. 

“Basically inflammation or infection of your cervix,” the doctor replied. “Have you noticed any white discharge? Any pain with sex? Any itching?”

I answered NO to all of his questions.

The only symptom was this heavy, dragging feeling in my pelvic floor and the inability to properly use my pelvic floor muscles.

EVERYTHING down there felt SO OFF.

It was truly terrifying.

We learned that the causes of cervicits are: bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted diseases gonorrhea and chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. Of course, the doctor tested for all of these infections — and I was negative for ALL OF THEM.

To this day, the cause of my cervicitis remains a mystery. I had none of the typical symptoms and none of the risk factors.

The only thing I can guess is that I was under such extreme stress and having such bad anxiety, along with PCS and pelvic floor dysfunction, that my womb space had become susceptible to bacteria.

That I had no symptoms, except for the feeling that my cervix was going to fall out, is also a mystery.

Still, I was given a shot of antibiotics and a prescription for antibiotic pills — so 2 different, strong antibiotics — to resolve the cervicitis.

After a week, my cervix was still swollen and rough-feeling. (We had been checking it daily.)

So, I consulted my functional doctor, Dr. Tim Chrisman. He recommended a colloidal silver douche.

Furthermore, I consulted my midwife. Surprisingly, she had never heard of douching with colloidal silver, but she said it seemed like sound advice. She recommended inserting vaginal-specific probiotics each day in addition to the douche.

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Why Colloidal Silver Should Be In Every Medicine Cabinet

So, what is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a natural antimicrobial that consists of silver particles suspended in water. It has literally been used for ages — traced back to Medieval, Ancient Greek, and Roman times!

If colloidal silver isn’t part of your medicine cabinet, it should be. And here’s why…

Colloidal silver has powerful anti-microbial properties. It can even kill antibiotic-resistant superbugs!

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Larry Ford documented over 650 pathogens that were destroyed in minutes when they were exposed to a small amount of silver (source).

The CDC itself has actually reported and published the dangers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, stating that at least 2 million Americans get an antibiotic-resistant infection each year. Of those, approximately 23,000 die. (Source.)

Colloidal silver simply does not create antibiotic-resistance, making it ideal for treating many bacterial infections.

In the 1930’s, silver lost its glow to profit-making manufactured drugs and eventually this natural immune system booster was placed on the back-burner or arguably swept under the proverbial rug as modern antibiotics took flame. However, overuse of antibiotics has led to a scary antibiotic resistance worldwide, makeing colloidal silver the more attractive option. (Source.)

Colloidal Silver Is Effective Against:

  • psoriasis and eczema
  • pink eye
  • ringworm
  • burns, cuts, scrapes, and even gun wounds!! (Source.)
  • ear infections
  • sinus infections (source)
  • inflammation associated with allergies and asthma
  • common cold (source)
  • flu virus
  • cervicitis
  • yeast infections
  • urinary tract infections
  • bacterial vaginosis (source)
  • warts (source)

As you can see, colloidal silver is anti-microbial on ALL fronts. It’s effect against bacteria, fungi, and viruses! Buy it here.

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What Type of Colloidal Silver (ppm) Is Best?

The particles of silver in colloidal silver are measured in parts per million (ppm).

Less is more with silver PPM. Technically, one PPM equates to 1 milligram per 1 liter of liquid. The label of all silver dietary supplements tells you the TOTAL silver concentration. Yet the BIO-ACTIVE silver concentration is the part that helps you (yes, the positively charged and smallest particles!). When a silver product contains the most active species of silver, coupled with the smallest particle size and greatest amount of positively charged silver, then a safe low concentration of 10 PPM bio-active silver is all that you will ever need. Higher concentrations of total silver can lead to increasing risks for toxicity; therefore, you would want to look for a formula with the maximum bioactivity and thus lower concentration. (Source.)

We use 10ppm colloidal silver in our home. And that is what I used to treat and heal cervicitis naturally when antibiotics didn’t work!

Please avoid colloidal silver with concentrations over 50ppm, unless you are under direct supervision of a practitioner.

Why Might a Woman Do a Colloidal Silver Douche?

As mentioned above, colloidal silver is effective at killing bacteria, yeast, and viruses.

Therefore, colloidal silver douching can be an effective and natural way to treat bacterial, viral, and yeast infections in the vagina or cervix.

Colloidal silver mixed with water can provide immediate relief for a vaginal yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and cervicitis. (source and source).

How I Healed Cervicitis Naturally When Antibiotics Didn’t Work!

I used a combination of colloidal silver douching with vaginally inserted probiotics to heal cervicitis naturally after the antibiotics didn’t work.

At some point during the day — doesn’t matter what time — I did the colloidal silver douche.

Then, right before bed, I inserted one FemEcology capsule into my vagina and slept with it in there all night long.

The following morning, I would have some discharge, which was the “excess” of the probiotic exiting my body plus the infection in my cervix dying.

In just 3 days, I completely restored health to my cervix by using the colloidal silver douche combined with FemEcology probiotics.

This was more than 2 weeks after receiving 2 types of antibiotics for cervicitis. The antibiotics did NOT resolve my cervicitis, but this natural remedy for cervicitis did!

In fact, I was diagnosed with cervicitis on January 12, 2019. When I saw my midwife for a PAP test and pelvic exam on January 31, 2019, she said, “I would have loved to see what that doctor saw because the cervix I’m looking at now is happy, healthy, and beautifully pink!”

And, to prove that my cervix was truly fine, my PAP results came back all clear! 🙂

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How To Prepare The Colloidal Silver Douche

You will need:

Combine the colloidal silver with the water in your douche kit and secure the lid.

How To Do a Colloidal Silver Douche

Sitting on the toilet, insert the tip of the douche into the vagina. You can insert it as far as feels comfortable for you.

Squeeze the colloidal silver + water mixture into the vagina. It will immediately come out — hence the need to be on the toilet.

If it’s more comfortable, do the colloidal silver douche lying down in the bathtub or even at the end of taking a bath.

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Probiotics For Healing Cervicitis Naturally

For gut health, I take a combination of 3 proboiotics: Just Thrive, Catie’s ProFlora Whole Food Probiotic, and Vitanica’s FemEcology.

Using probiotics to heal cervicitis naturally must be done IN COMBINATION with colloidal silver douching. In this way, you kill the pathogens in the vaginal canal and replenish healthy bacteria.

The colloidal silver kills the harmful bacteria or yeasts or virus; then the probiotic re-introduces beneficial flora into the vaginal tract.

The best probiotic for helping to treat cervicitis, yeast infections, and BV is Vitanica’s FemEcology.

I know this because this specific brand was recommended to me by my naturopath and midwife.

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FemEcology is a blend of probiotic strains that specifically supports a healthy vaginal tract and vaginal immunity. There are 10 billion probiotic organisms per capsule. These lactobacillus strains are:

  • acidophilus
  • plantarum
  • reuteri
  • rhamnosus
  • salivarius

Although I hope you never find yourself needing this remedy, it is very fast and effective at treating women’s infections such as yeast infections, UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, cervicitis, and even STIs.

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This post is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for the advice and care of a qualified medical professional of your choice. I’ve done enough research that I feel I should have letters behind my name, but alas, I do not. So please do your own research and consult your doctor(s) when making decisions about your health.

Do you keep colloidal silver in your medicine cabinet? Have you ever used it in a douche? Have you ever inserted probiotics vaginally?